"Is my child ok? How can I know?"

5 things you must know about

your child!

it really is more than

"reading, 'riting and 'rithmatic."

This free Webinar and accompanying handout will cover all the basics to consider when initially assessing a child for how they are doing or if they need more interventions.

You will learn:

5 areas to consider in Assessment of how your child is doing


  • 3 levels of instruction and the importance of considering each
  • The importance of Spiritual, social and emotional awareness.
  • 5 core reading components to assess
  • 6 core math components to assess
  • 5 core writing components to assess
  • You will also have access to more material and opportunites for personal growth going forward related to teaching or helping children who are "outside the box"

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    This Webinar will be covered from a biblical worldview and is useful information for parents, grandparents and teachers or anyone else involved with teaching or helping children.